Friday, March 20, 2009

Stitching Class

I'm teaching a beginning cross stitch class Saturday, 21 March at Stitches from the Heart. If you could tell these "newbies" just one thing, what would it be?


  1. Well I have more than one thing, 1. The vertical thread. 2. Roll the need between your fingers to help the thread to lay nice and straight, you know what I mean Vern? Lets see 3. Dont keep you piece in a q-snap or hoop. 4. If using beads, iron piece and get tough creases out before you put beads on piece. okie dokie... Happy teach'n Love and kisses Penny

  2. what the heck is the vertical thread??
    and I keep my work in qsnaps WITH felt between fabric and snaps! So I guess I should stop, huh??

    I suggest think about size BEFORE you follow designers suggestions and don't be afraid to change colors of fabric or floss;) Learned all this from you guys!
    Make sure x's all going same way...that's pretty basic, that's probably the first thing you'll tell them.
    Oh....starting and tied off knots. another basic thing...sorry!
    what about never assume a pattern can't have a! and working with colorfast vs. non-colorfast floss. and if edges aren't surged, use fraycheck or something so it doesn't unravel on you...
    Girl! That's awesome you're teaching a class!
    Have fun:)